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clangor lucis

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01/10/21 Premiere at Athens&Epidaurus Festival 

Clangoris Lucis is 3D sound work commissioned by Athen’s Goethe Institute, Berlin CTM Festival and Athens & Epidaurus Festival. The work is part of CHRONOTOPIA, a project focusing on the connections between electronic music and archeology. The work is created from one of the objects found within the Ksyme archive in Athens, inspired by Iannis Xenakis' work.

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in progress

2021, binaural

08/03/21 Licheni, Nubspace, online


Fragment&Recompose speculates on the spatiotemporal dimension of ruins by collapsing the boundaries between present, past and future.

Abandonment architectures provide an opportunity to explore how non-human life appropriates what remains. Fragment&Recompose reassembles sounds that have been found in situ to to (re)story the ruins.

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2020, 5th order ambisonics + other formats

12/12/20 Premiered at InSOnic Syntheses, ZKM

Dust Variations I is the first composition of a 3D sound series that aims to explore the complexity of spatiotemporal experience through the spatial behaviour of interstellar dust. 

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2021, soundwalk, binaural

21&2223/05/21 Walterwerkplatts, Brussels


Confluences is a project initiated by Giulia Vismara and Franziska Windisch, with the aims to pursue a hands-on research on sound in urban space and to enter into a dialogue through different media (sonic, linguistic, visual) in order to look for new correspondences between sound, space and bodies.

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