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Giulia Vismara, born in Venice, living between Belgium and Italy, is an electroacoustic composer and researcher. She is mainly concerned with the organic nature of sound and the creation of textures which combine concrete and synthetic elements. Her works range from electroacoustic music to sound installation, music for theatre, performance and video art.

Space is the key to her work, the matrix that shapes the music as well as the sounds she composes. Through her research she explores space as a concept in various contexts, such as architectural, urban, philosophical, and technological. Currently she has focused on different methods of spatialisation and 3D audio technologies.


She holds a PhD in Design (Sound Design), from IUAV, University of Venice, a BA+MA in Musicology form the University of Bologna and in Music and New Technologies from the Conservatory of Florence and the Royal Conservatory of The Hague. She studied sound design for cinema, acousmatic and electroacoustic composition with Trevor Wishart, Natasha Barrett, Beatryz Ferreyra, Alain Savouret.

She has also explored vocal expression through workshops such as: Druphad singing with Amelia Cuni and Francesca Cassio, Throat Singing with Trang Quang Hai, Dancing Voice/Singing Body with Meredith Monk, and Circular Choir with Christian Woltz. Since 2004 she collaborated with the label Alga Marghen.

Her sound works have been performed in Italy, Germany, Belgium, Austria, France, Greece, Canada, United States, UK. 

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