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commissioned by Athen’s Goethe Institute, Berlin CTM Festival and Athens & Epidaurus Festival.

The composition is part of CHRONOTOPIA, a project focusing on the connections between electronic music and archeology.

The work is created from one of the objects found within the Ksyme archive in Athens, inspired by Iannis Xenakis' work.

"The initial contemplation of music by Xenakis was not focused on a specific musical entity, but rather on broader considerations encompassing nature and its countless micro-events. This perspective was then intertwined with his artistic practice, establishing rich connections between sound and architecture. Through the exploration of graphic design, mathematical principles, and the formulation of compositional hypotheses, a central concept emerged in Xenakis' creative vision: the realm of structures. Polytopes, as self-contained entities, defined space through their physical boundaries and internally organized themselves through strands of light. When constructed in outdoor settings, Xenakis harnessed the potential offered by these locations and their historical significance.

While perusing the archive materials, I was particularly captivated by three monochromatic photographs showcasing the Polytope. These images portray the interplay of light and shadow."


01/10/21 Premiere at Athens&Epidaurus Festival 

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