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3D ambisonics, stereo, multichannel

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Dust Variations I is the first composition of a sound series that aims to explore the complexity of spatiotemporal experience through the spatial behaviour of interstellar dust. The composition incorporates 3D Ambisonics, stereo and various multi-channel formats in order to create a more complete spatial experience and was produced during a residency at ZKM, within the Sound Dome.


The formation of interstellar dust is part of a continuous cycle in which physical and chemical phenomena assemble matter and energy. The interactions between the various elements can give rise to cosmic clouds, stars and planets. From this point of view, the material reconfigurations that occur in the formation of interstellar dust are in principle similar to those that occur in the digital processes of musical composition. Interstellar or cosmic dust appears as a jumble of grains with a maximum diameter of 1 um micron. These grains are actually simple assemblies of molecules that become increasingly complex. In particular, I chose three types of grains and imagined how they might interact with each other, forming agglomerates of various sizes or dispersing in space because  of their incompatibility. The properties and relationships between the different elements that aggregate to form the dust then determine their spatial behaviour: how they produce, expand, activate, relate and occupy the space.

Thanks to:

Soprano Nadia Cunillera, Baritone Mathias Horn, Astrophysicist Riccardo Gualtieri

With the support of: 

ESTNDC and ZKM - Hertz Lab

Residency at:

ZKM, Karlsruhe

Presented at:

InSonic 2020

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