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transitional spaces

3D composition for IKO 

3rd Order Ambisonics

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Transitional spaces starts from a tripartite model of potential spaces made by the relationship between space, body and sound. The composition focuses in particular on the third type of space, called product space. This third type aims to give the listener the possibility to produce his or her own space without any clear sound reference (sound object), more psychoacoustic suggestions created by textures and layers in which space and time are entangled. The composition was composed for a particular type of compact spherical loudspeaker arrays, which can be considered as an instrument. It consists of an icosahedral housing carrying 20 individually driven loudspeakers. Compared to a sphere or half-sphere in which you can usually listen to a 3D sound environment where the space is 'exploded,' designing a sound space is different with IKO.

Presented at: 

Institute of Electronic and Acoustic Music

IEM, Ligeti Saal 


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