I am an electroacoustic composer and researcher mainly concerned with the organic nature of sound and the development of textures which combine concrete and synthetic elements. My works range from electroacoustic music to sound installation, music for theatre, performance and video art. Space is the key to my work, the matrix that shapes the music as well as the sounds I compose. Through my research I explore "space" as a concept in various contexts, such as architectural, urban, technological and compositional.


Currently my focus is on different methods of spatialization and 3D audio diffusion. In particular, my artistic and academic practices emerge in the context of the increasingly sophisticated sound reproduction (and recording) technologies for the design of sound spaces, where the role and impact of the spatial experience has become essential. However, I am not only interested in exploring those possibilities, but also in studying how such listening modes allow us to reinterpret the limits of corporeity by considering space and time as intra-active agents rather than separate entities.


My research starts from the assumption that sound is special. At this stage I am trying to combine a phenomenological approach based on an anthropocentric aesthetic perception with an approach that deals with space and aesthetics based on a non-human and algorithmic agency.