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8 channels


The sound presences that surround us do not just happen in the space-time coordinates that determine the present, but create in turn a new acoustic space with its own duration. The space, so shaped by listening, it is dynamic and builds its coordinates by collecting sounds from each direction. Entering new sounds in a predefined space creates new sounds trajectories, glare, resonances. The sound events with their complexity, their continuous fluctuation and expansion, make the space active in that they propagate. In turn space amplifies, shapes and resonates the sound. In UNSPACES sound is used as a plastic material, capable of expanding and changing spatial perception.The aim is to give life to a different, dynamic, vibrant, temporary space without boundaries. A space reshaped by sound. The sounds are diffused by a multichannel setup of 8 speakers. The environment is immersive and contemplative. The texture is composed with field recordings from Quebec City and synthetic sounds. 

Residency at:

La Chambre Blanque, Quebec City

Presented at:

2016 La Chambre Blanche, Quebec City

2017 Palazzo Dolcini, Mercato Saraceno

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