The increasingly sophisticated technologies for the sound spatialization stimulate a more in-depth reflection on space as a compositional parameter. 
The trandisciplinary practice based research starts considering the experience of space as a configuration of multiple dialectical connections developed in time with sound and linked to the presence of an active body. 


Paper & presentation:

  • With Dr. Burak Pak, Drs. Caroline Claus and Johann Diedrick, ISSTA 2018, Ulster University, Derry/Londonderry (UK)

  • RCA 2018, Research culture in architecture, TU Keiserslautern, Kaiserlautern

  • Insonic 2017, ZKM, Karsruhe (DE)

  • Sonic infractions, a conversation with Caroline Claus, Helicotrema Festival, IUAV

  • Frid 2017, IUAV


  • 2019, Workshop Soundstack, Spatial Entities, Queen Mary, London,

  • 2018, Workshop The production of space, strategies for contemporary architecture, theatre and music, with Gerriet K. Sharma and Gioele Peressini, IUAV

  • 2018, Guest lecturer: Sound research and his interaction with the space, at Architecture and space of the scene by Prof. Mario Lupano, IUAV

  • 2017, 4 interventions about sound with Mario Lupano: Sound as material, Sound as memory, Sound as illusion, Sound as augmented, IUAV

  • 2016, Workshop about the soundscape with Massimiliano Ciamaichella and Francesco Bergamo, University of Venice, IUAV

  • 2015-2016, Music and New Technologies, High School for music, Livorno