concept Dehors/Audela + GIULIA VISMARA

performed by:

with the voice of:


music and sound design GIULIA VISMARA

immages and video SALVATORE INSANA

with the suppport of: 

Anghiari Dance Hub - ACS Abruzzo Circuito Spettacolo -  Armunia - Spazio K - FabbricaEuropa - Verdecoprente Re.Te. - Florian Metateatro

in residency at:

Anghiari dance hub - Spazio K - Armunia

presented at:

teatri di vetro 2016, fabbrica europa 2017, fuori formato 2017, electrocamp IV 2017

A three level's study about the relationship between space - body - memory, shifting between dance and architecture. Low-fi memories, when we did not think to be always perfect. Disturbed memories from the present. Planimetrie is the attempt to evoke the internal deep memory of a space. The occurrence of a specific almost indescrivable space, made of distances between objects and proportions between the volumes, and whose final design, however, escapes all the time. The memory often changes the perception of the measures and distances. The body moves to a place of border that oscillates between interior and exterior landscape, in which the central sense of the intimate remains thin.

The sound is a result of the real-time manipulation of small objects, and relates to the continuous movement of the body, entering into dialogue with it and with the space that is continuosly suggested but evolving at the same time. The movement thus becomes a tool that defines the features of a place evoked.

It's possible to feel a space without seeing it?