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4 channels

concept/live electronics Giulia Vismara


Paraphernalia has several meanings, it can mean a set of objects, equipment, gear or equipment, a piece of equipment, or even the extradotal personal effects belonging to a woman who is going to marry.
Paraphernalia is a four-tone concert for voices, objects and live electronics.
Here, the personal effects are the sounds that are awakened through the electronics and take together with the voices. They are sound objects with their own history, coming from distant places and collected in times past. There are four voices, each with its own language, sometimes anticipating, sometimes inciting or highlighting the sounds, mingling with the the sounds, blending with the electronics. Together, the three elements create a new space that makes its way through the listening experience.

Presented at: 

2018, Beast Fest, Birmingham

2016 MA/IN[Matera INtermedia Festival], Matera

2015 Tempo Reale, Firenze

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