sound performance

concept/live electronics Giulia Vismara

performer Laura Ulisse


Residency at 

Vivaio del malcantone, Florence

Presented at

Bonsai Festival 2017

Zoo 2016

Peraspera 2014

Schiume 2014

Diffrazioni festival 2013

Performatialtri 2012

KitcheN is an in flux performance about a female figure in a perpetual “pending state”, where everything OSCILLATES between here and somewhere else through the imaginary power of sound. gestures and sounds are obsessively moved, shaken, scraped – while being recorded, filtered, amplified – in order to mark the succession of time and crumble it at the same time.
little by little, a distorted reality reveals itself and brings us to an ideal state of “crisis”, seen as an evolutionary change in time and space. KitcheN is the result of a theoretical reflection on the relationship between sound and space that composer and scholar GIULIA VISMARA developed over the years, and it has been embodied by performer LAURA ULISSE after a long period of research. by its very nature, KitcheN is still (and always be) an ongoing project that can be presented and represented as a stage performance, or an installation, or a home concert... according to the peculiarities of the venue in which it is taking place.