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choreography Serena Malacco, Elisa Turco Liveri

video/images Salvatore Insana

music/sound design Giulia Vismara


Endless Ending Process is an investigation into a state, a condition that involves both the body and the mind, both the body and intimacy of the individual: fatigue, intensity that society does not recognize. We found in a painting by Watteau, Gilles, the emblematic figure able to guard in a posture, in a chill, in an expression, the symptoms and consequences of that unbearable condition. A synthesis of suspension and gravity, tension and break, support and fall, the stages of a passionate inactivity. Fatigue to repeat itself equally. Fatigue of not repeating. Fatigue to take position, space or conversation. A diagonal crossed repeatedly, in a dynamism that progressively increases the speed and the inconvenience of the body in repetition, to the break, that of fatigue, mechanical phenomenon, extendable also to living bodies, whereby a body/material subjected to variable loads over time, in a regular or casual manner, is inexorably damaged, in an "infinite process of the end". Never tired enough to stop us, never quite resolved to declare us exhausted, we live and perceive this fatigue process daily. We wondered how to give dignity to this condition that is denied by a hyper-productive, hyperkinetic, and performant present.

This work is one of the possible answers to this question, working for allegories and metaphors, subjecting our languages to fatigue. Until what point? When does my language break? When does the scenic machine drop? When does the show break? And again, can you handle fatigue without getting tired?

With the collaboration of:

Anghiari Dance Hub, Florian Metateatro, Santasangre

With the support of:

Spam/Aldes, Claps, Versilia Danza


Thanks to:

Roberto Castello, Alessia Guerrini, Enrico Pitozzi

Residency at: 

Teatro Cantiere Florida, Firenze

Lavanderia a Vapore, Collegno, Torino

Claps, Brescia

SPAM, Porcari, Lucca

Presented at: 

05/12/2018, Teatro Cantiere Florida, Firenze

25/11/2017, AnghiariDanceHub, Anghiari, Arezzo

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