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clangor lucis

COMPOSITION for sound&lights

3D ambisonics, stereo, multichannel


“The Polytopes are closely tied to a specific architecture or to an archeological site and add a system of cartesian coordinates composed by points of sound (speakers) or of light. Starting from these axiomatics entities, Xenakis builds some figures or volumes with music and light. He thus starts a search for a parallel formalisation through the different media. The components of this diachronic ensemble are each treated independently, the synthesis and attribution of sense depending on the spectator, who becomes the interpreter”.

Clangor Lucis is a work in progress, a 3D composition commissioned by Berlin CTM Festival, Athen’s Goethe Institute and Athens & Epidaurus Festival. 

The work investigates the relationship between sound and light, also drawing on the compositional theories of Xenakis. Different luminous shapes, volumes, dots emerge from a black and white surface, filling and reclaiming space. The composition is inspired by a photograph of the Athens Polytope by Xenakis founded in the Ksyme archive. 

The project is part of Chronotopia, an initiative by CTM Festival and Goethe-Institut Athen that highlights connections between experimental music and research present and past. Points of contact between past and current music, sound, and media practices are explored, for instance via re-articulations of pre-modern musical forms and practices, media-archeological research, or archives amongst others. Avoiding a linear perspective that constructs time as an indication of progress, Chronotopia adopts and explores cyclical and spiralling ideas of history and time, narrative folds, parallel cultural transmissions, as well as temporal collapses where past and present fall into each other to arrive at a new dialogue. Sound, music, media practices, and speculative activities allow for alternative temporal spaces and histories.

Presented at: 

1 October 2021, Athens & Epidaurus Festival

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